COVID-19 Policy

General Health and Welfare Practices

  • If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home. 
  • If you have a new or unexplained rash please stay home.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Proof of full vaccination is required to participate in 802 Westie Collective Events. Boosters are strongly encouraged.

All participants must present a photo ID with their full name along with their proof of vaccination. The name on the photo ID and the name on the proof of vaccination must match.

Unless the participant objects, 802 Westie Collective will record participants’ name and vaccination status. At subsequent events, those participants do not need to present proof of vaccination.


All participants must wear a well-fitting, high quality mask (N95/KN95, surgical, or similar) that covers nose and mouth at all times.  Masks will be available at registration; a $1 donation will be gratefully accepted.

COVID-19 Infection & Household Contacts

Individuals with a known COVID-19 infection should not participate until 10 days have elapsed since onset of symptoms or positive test, unless they test negative on an antigen test after Day 5. 

Individuals living in a household with an active COVID case should not participate until 5 days have elapsed since the household member’s isolation period has ended. 

Additional Precautions

All participants are required to sign a Liability Waiver & Acknowledgement Form as part of the registration process.

Anyone who violates the Health & Wellness Policy or otherwise knowingly misleads 802 Westie Collective about their screening information or test results may be banned from all 802 Westie Collective events for a minimum of three (3) months for a first offense and may receive a permanent ban for a second offense.

Anyone who falsifies a vaccination card or otherwise knowingly misleads the 802 Westie Collective about their vaccination status will be permanently banned from all 802 Westie Collective events and reported to the appropriate authorities for falsifying a federal document.