• 14+ people social dancing West Coast swing.
  • Social dancing West Coast Swing in the Champlain Club.
  • Group photo of dancers lined up on the stage at the Champlain club
  • Photo of a West Coast swing dance class. Instructors are demonstrating a right side pass.

802 Westie Collective is a dance organization, made by Vermont community members! We specialize in West Coast Swing, offering weekly social dancing, lessons, and an enthusiastic community. You don’t need a partner to get started, so join us today!

Latest News

  • June 2024 Announcements

    June 2024 Announcements

    Welcoming guest instructors Lucky and Mae before our summer hiatus 802 Westie Collective is proud to welcome Lucky Sipin and Maelys Fillon to host a workshop the afternoon of Saturday, June 1st. You won’t want to miss the instruction of these talented Montreal-based pros prior to our regular Saturday social dance. A reminder that June…

  • May 2024 Announcements

    May 2024 Announcements

    Alli and Max are back this month! Frequent 802 Westie Collective guest instructors, Alli and Max, will be returning to teach a workshop before our first Saturday social dance. If you’re a Level 2 dancer who has never attended one of their workshops, May 4th is a great opportunity to get receive a lesson from…

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