Funding & Volunteering


Classes, social dances, and events put on by the 802 Westie Collective are funded by donations rather than fees. 802 Westie Collective encourages participants to make a donation to support the operation of these events. Participants may contribute any amount, and can vary that amount based on ability to pay, the provision of in-kind assistance to the organization, or any other reason.

802 Westie Collective provides a “suggested donation” level for each event that reflects an estimate of the average per-person amount that the organization would need to receive to cover our costs. As a charitable not-for-profit corporation, all funds in excess of operational expenses are held in reserve to further the organization’s charitable mission.


802 Westie Collective is an organization operated by and for the dance community at large. In addition to monetary donations, individuals are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills to the organization to support the availability of dance instruction and social dance opportunities. Individuals are left to their own discretion to determine if they wish to reduce their monetary donations to reflect their in-kind donations of volunteer time. Both are always welcome and neither is required. If you are interested in volunteering, speak with an organizer.