Learn & Dance

Come dance with 802 Westie Collective!

All of our events are held at the North Star Community Hall in Burlington, VT.  Whether you are brand new to dancing or have been dancing West Coast Swing for years, we welcome you to come check out an evening of dancing!  

New to West Coast Swing? Join us for a “crash course” before our Saturday dance or for a level 1 “Basics” series.

Most Wednesdays

7:00-8:00 West Coast Swing Classes

  • Level 1 “Basics” (no drop-ins after first week)
  • Level 2 (must know left side pass, underarm turn, sugar push/push break, push tuck, whip)

8:00-9:30 Social Dancing

Suggested donation*:
Drop-in: $15
3-week Series: $40
4-week Series: $50
Intermediate/Advanced Workshop with Pro: $25
Weekly Social Dance Only: $5

First Saturday of most Months

7:00-8:00 West Coast Swing Lesson – “crash course” for people new to West Coast Swing
8:00-11:00 Social Dancing

Suggest donation*: $15

*Our suggested donation is based on the average per person cost to us. If you want to contribute less for any reason, please feel free to do so. If you are financially comfortable and can contribute more, please consider doing so, as that will allow us to continue operating on a donation model. If you would like to make a donation separately from taking a class, we welcome that as well. We appreciate your presence and support of our organizers, students, and teachers.
Read more about our funding model.

Check out our announcements for details about upcoming classes and dances!