New to WCS?


Welcome to this amazing dance and enthusiastic community!  We’re glad you’re curious about West Coast Swing, and we’re excited that you’ve decided to check out 802 Westie Collective.  If you love music, connecting with other people, moving, and using your creativity, then West Coast Swing is for you! 

West Coast Swing is a modern, partnered, street dance evolved from an original swing dance,  The Lindy Hop. Lindy Hop is a vintage African American Vernacular Jazz dance born in Harlem, New York that has its own origins in jazz and early African traditional dances. As Lindy Hop moved to the opposite coast it transformed into Western Swing and then into West Coast Swing, which is now danced in every corner of the United States and is the official state dance of California. West Coast Swing continues to evolve and incorporate many other dance styles, while still keeping true to the roots of Lindy Hop. West Coast Swing is a global dance showcased in countries such as France, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, South Korea, and England. 

We offer a monthly West Coast Swing Basics series to get you started.  You’ll learn how to listen to the music, communicate with a partner through your movements, and find the connection and creativity that make us love West Coast Swing.  Whether you bring a friend or come ready to make new friends, our community is ready to welcome you!
 Check out announcements for details about our current classes and dances!