802 Westie Collective is just one group within a much larger community of regional, national, and global West Coast Swing dancers.  These events and travel opportunities are a chance to meet new dancers, participate in competitions, and take workshops from amazing instructors.

Join our Community Group on Facebook to coordinate on event carpools and hotels as well as learn about opportunities to dance in the wild.

Boston Dance Opportunities (weekly/monthly dances)

Boston Swing Labs – Monday nights

Dance Boston – Tuesday nights, 1st Saturday dances

The Dancing Fools – Wednesday nights

Waterside Westies – Thursday nights

WestieBOS – Friday nights, 3rd Saturday dances

Dirty Water West Coast Swing – 2nd Saturday dances, periodic intensives with pros.

Boston Westie – 4th Saturday dances

Montreal Dance Opportunities (weekly/monthly dances)

Westie Montreal – 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, some Fridays

Evolution Swing Montreal – Various classes, Saturday dances